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HCDE 451: Fabric Construction Process Blog

The next medium that we would be exploring for our class was fabric, particularly the use of sewing to either create a new or redesign an IoT device that we already made in previous weeks. So far, all my projects have revolved around the Joint Pressure Sleeve and this week’s theme was also perfect to use on the Joint Pressure Sleeve.


Sketches & Ideation

Design sketch and schematic for incorporating LED with the joint pressure sleeve

Construction of the Parts

I then used a running stitch to sew up the sides of the piece of fabric to create a small pouch to house the battery. A snap-in button was also included in order to allow the pouch to close and secure the battery in place during usage.

The process of sewing together the pouch

Now it was time to create and test the circuit. I never had used aluminum foil in a circuit before but I was optimistic about it. I originally wanted to use conductive thread in the construction of my circuit, but I found in my previous testing that the conductive thread was too finky to reliably use — the conductive thread would often kink on itself and create a short circuit. Instead, I opted to use some spare wires I had laying around the house as they worked more reliably in the circuit.

Complete circuit for the LED indicator

Assembling the Parts Together

The various parts of the LED system integrated with the joint pressure sleeve

[Self] Testing

Analysis & Reflection